Price - Newborn


- 3h session
- 5 hd digital photos
- session preparation guide
- Several staged scenes prepared for you in advance
- Newborn clothing and accessories provided
- Single newborn photos and some family photos (parents & siblings)

400 €

Price - Pack Family Tribe


- 2 Family Tribe sessions (1x 1h30 + 1x 3h)
- 6 hd photos of the pregnancy session
- 6 hd photos of the newborn session
- family photos included for both sessions

700 €

The newborn session

A journey that is outside of time

A newborn session is like a a journey that is outside of time where you go in search of smiles and small expressions. It is here that we capture the small details that will fade with time.
This session, carried out in the first 15 days of baby's life.
It will take place during the week and in the morning when the baby is calm.

During these 3 hours of session (and yes patience is required), I progress at the rhythm of your baby because my priority is the wellbeing and the safety of your child. This time is necessary to go at the rhythm of this small being, to put him to sleep, to feed him, to change him and to carry out different scenes.

This session is often one of your child's first outings and it brings its share of stress (fear of forgetting something, preparation time, fatigue...) I understand it, I understand you! Remember however that relaxed parents make serene children, so be confident, I will take care of your little one as if he were my own.

Book a photo session

NOW BOOKING FOR 2018 & 2019!

A newborn session can be booked from the 6th month of pregnancy and ideally takes place during the first 15 days of your baby's life.

My approach

My universe, I define it as simple and at the same time sophisticated, elegant and authentic and full of soft, strong, tender emotions.
I look for the smile as much as the spark in every portrait.